What this world needs is a New Revolution! We, MISTRAM, believe this with every inch of our soul. You can hear it in the music, and feel it when we play. Through our own unique way, we endeavour to embody the puristic approach to incredible and passionate music. Singing from the mountain tops, we will capture your musica
imagination and take you on a journey leaving you physically and spiritually fulfilled.
"Can music really do that?"... Well, we can try...Strong, driving harmonies, the velvet tones of Mr Tim Pitchford, and the turbulence and intensity of lead
guitarist Mars coupled with their insatiable need to write timeless classics.

MISTRAM's first steps planted them amongst the charity scene. Firstly by writing and producing the song in 2014
for The National Breast Cancer Foundation "Mothers Sisters Daughters Lovers" (100% of proceeds went towards breast cancer research), then playing at the 2014 Airlie Beach Music Festival (debut festival) raising more funds and awareness for the cause. From there to aiding those affected by Domestic Violence, with a limited release single "Butterfly". They truly believe that by raising awareness, together everyone can achieve Domestic Peace.

All funds raised whilst the song was in circulation were donated to the White Ribbon Foundation. If you were to ask either of them the question that Every. Single. Band. gets asked, "What kind of music do you play?" you would get various interpretations of something they've coined "New Rev". It's a little bit of this and a lot of that and something else in between that encompasses blues, roots, grooves and smooth moves and a sensual sound that is 'Super Sexy Satisfaction'.

Comparing themselves to the kings and queens of yesteryear that dared to break the moulds that bound them in conformity and Pop culture; They dare NOT to remain the same as everybody else... They dare to be different...

and be MISTRAM!

"No longer will we parade the highways with our fellow zombies in business shirts!"

MISTRAM spread the idea of the “New Revolution”... What’s the New Revolution you ask? Well, if you have to ask, perhaps you’re not ready to know? OR, perhaps you need to sit back, take a deep breathe, and have good look at the world around you. MISTRAM thrive on the kindness and support of people who truly care and want to make this life worth living, and they’re determined to see their dream a reality. The only way this can happen is by embracing the New Revolution and joining MISTRAM on their quest!

Proudly Gold Coast based, MISTRAM have played, and continue to play, a number of local and regional gigs as well as supporting and sharing the stage with some great Australian acts such as The Angels, The Screaming Jets, Graeme Connors, Phill Emmanuel and many more. With eyes set for the big stages, MISTRAM hope to deliver their message inspired by the 'New Revolution' to audiences all over the country (and eventually, the world!).

Here's to the New Revolution!

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