Kenny Slide

Kenny Slide airlie beach nusic festival

Kenny Slide claims, “inspiration can sometimes come from the tough times, and the support you receive from family and friends”. “Life for me hasn’t always been easy, and in the past I’ve had a few hurdles to overcome to say the least. “looking back, I now see I’ve learnt so much from that experience and its even given me heaps of inspiration in writing my songs”. “For me now, I’ve learnt it’s all part of the master plan and you can turn a negative experience into a positive”. “One of my biggest positives is definitely music because for me ‘music is life’”. I’m so stoked I have recorded my first EP titled ROLL OUT and I’m turning my dreams into reality by playing my music whilst travelling Australia in my 4WD and I hope to share my experiences with others, razz up the crowd and bring some good times to the venues and inspire”.

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