Annie ODee & the Hotshots

Annie ODee & the Hotshots airlie beach nusic festival

Seasoned with the unbridled soul you've come to expect, yet there's a freshness in the band's performance and song writing that gives the group a unique feel. Annie's voice can be encapsulated in the simple phrase like honey under gravel.

Give The People What They Want is certainly an appropriation of Annie O'Dee and the Hotshots. After 7 years of constant touring as one of the most formidable and consequential live Rhythm & Blues acts performing today, they know what their audience wants from them.

This is Annie O'Dee's je ne sais quoi which has attracted countless fan and is found both on stage and in the recording booth. Since the acts first debut release Little Trouble maker which charted at #2 on the iTunes blues Charts the band has been delivering the same stellar performances in bars and festivals alike. The band has also been featured on multitudes of radio shows and will be featured as a headlining act at this year's Airlie Beach Festival of Music.

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